Echo Cloud Services
Echo provides a collection of cloud services that enable the rapid development and deployment of real-time apps.

Echo StreamServer is a cloud database that enables you to capture, store and serve content in real-time and at web scale. Echo StreamServer can handle both high volumes of queries and live updates simultaneously, which makes it uniquely suited to overcome the limitations of traditional database technologies in high performance production environments.
Echo DataServer is a powerful data bridging service that makes it easy for you to connect to well-known APIs and curate real-time streams of activity based on fine-grained rules.
Echo AppServer is a cloud service designed to providing tooling and infrastructure to discover, manage, distribute and deploy Cloud Apps.
Echo KVSServer is a cloud KVS store that enables you to store and retrieve key value pairs at run-time. Perfect for configuration blobs and other app or user centric settings, it's a convenient place for you to store simple data for your apps.
Backplane Protocol is a proposed open standard that enables authorized, independent applications co-existing on a website to easily and securely communicate with each other.
Useful resources when running Echo Cloud Services.